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Steel Task Force Reference Materials

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Steel Task Force

Chair: Japan
Co-Chair: India

Action Plan - Adobe PDF format

Project Roster

Chairman's Summary - Adobe PDF format

Asia-Pacific Partners account for nearly 60 percent of the world’s steel production. The Steel Task Force will facilitate the uptake of best available technology, practices and environmental management systems in Partnership countries together with ncreased recycling. The Task Force will assist in the provision of expert advice in relation to the opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas and other emissions levels through the introduction of existing and emerging technologies and identify any other opportunities, with an initial focus on operations in China and India. Action will focus around securing improved benchmarking and reporting, energy and material efficiencies and technology development and deployment.


  • Develop sector relevant benchmark and performance indicators.
  • Facilitate the deployment of best practice steel technologies.
  • Increase collaboration between relevant Partnership country government, research and industry steel-related institutions
  • Develop processes to reduce energy usage, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from steel production
  • Increase recycling across the Partnership.