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Power Generation and Transmission Reference Materials

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Power Generation and Transmission Task Force

Chair: United States of America
Co-Chair: China

Action Plan - Adobe PDF format

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Stable and affordable supply of electricity is indispensable for our economic growth. With the advent of electricity becoming available to a large number of people in developing countries and the increasing electrification in developed countries the power generation sector is and will continue to be the largest emitter of emissions. Modeling indicates that accelerated adoption of world-best practice for thermal power generation alone would reduce global emissions by 1.5 percent by 2010 as well as reducing air pollution. Potential areas for cooperation in the power sector would include the improvement of thermal efficiency of power plants, fuel switching and/or multi-firing, reform of electricity markets, loss reduction in transmission, and demand side management.


  • Assess opportunities for practical actions to develop and deploy power generation, transmission and demand side management technologies that can aid development and climate concerns.
  • Facilitate demonstration and deployment of practices, technologies and processes to improve efficiency of power production and transmission within Partnership countries.
  • Enhance collaboration between Partners on research and development of such technologies and processes.
  • Enhance synergy with relevant objectives of other Task Forces (i.e. Cleaner Fossil Energy, Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation, Buildings and Appliances).
  • Identify potential projects that would enable Partner countries to assess the applicability of energy feedstocks to their specific requirements.
  • Identify opportunities to enhance investment in efficient power supply by improving energy markets and investment climate.