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Coal Mining Task Force

Chair: United States of America
Co-Chair: India

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Asia-Pacific Partners collectively generate approximately 65 percent of world primary coal production. Coal is the dominant fuel source globally and among the Partners, and its use is expected to continue to grow over the coming decades. Improving the efficiency of the mining and processing of coal and improving the monitoring and control of coal mine methane gas can make a significant contribution to emissions reductions and workplace safety. The Task Force will address the reclamation and rehabilitation of mined lands, runoff, abandoned mines and best safety practice. The Coal Mining Task Force will work collaboratively with the Cleaner Fossil Energy Task Force to ensure that synergies are captured in improving coal processing and developing new coal-based generation technologies.


  • Facilitate technologies and practices that can improve the economics and efficiencies of mining and processing and continue to improve safety and reduce environmental impacts.
  • Establish, as appropriate, efficiency and emissions intensity and mine reclamation objectives based on each nation’s circumstances.
  • Identify current reclamation activities in each country, as appropriate, and exchange best practice information in reclamation of surface mined lands with a focus on enhanced surface reclamation practices that improve the opportunities for carbon sequestration.