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Cement Task Force

Chair: Japan
Co-Chair: Canada

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Asia-Pacific Partners account for 62 percent of the world's cement production. The Cement Task Force would facilitate the uptake of best available technology and environmental management systems in Partnership countries. This would be through the introduction and/or replacement of old technology (primarily the wet kiln process) in favour of dry processing technologies, energy efficient technologies, process improvements, power generation from waste heat recovery and enhanced co- processing of low grade primary fuels and industry wastes. The Task Force will assist in the provision of expert advice in relation to the opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas and other emissions levels through the introduction of these existing and emerging technologies and identify other key opportunities.


  • Facilitate demonstration and deployment of energy-efficient and cleaner productformulation technologies in Partnership countries that will significantly improve the greenhouse gas emissions intensity and the air pollutant emissions intensity of cement operations.
  • Develop sector relevant benchmark and performance indicators.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to build infrastructure in developing countries and emerging economies that uses energy efficient cement and concrete building and paving materials.