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Buildings and Appliances Task Force Reference Materials

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Buildings and Appliances Task Force

Chair: Korea
Co-Chair: United States of America


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Reducing our use of energy for buildings and appliances decreases the demand for primary energy and is a key means to deliver better economic performance, increase energy security and reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions. Partner countries have recognized for some time the importance of cooperating on energy efficiency for buildings and appliances, and have already taken a range of bilateral and other collaborative actions in this area. As the Partners represent a majority of the world’s manufacturing capacity for a diverse range of appliances, we have the potential to drive significant regional and global improvements in energy efficiency in this sector. The Partners will demonstrate technologies, enhance and exchange skills relating to energy efficiency auditing, share experiences and policies on best practices with regard to standards and codes, as well as labelling schemes for buildings, building materials and appliances.


  • Use cooperative mechanisms to support the further uptake of increasingly more energy efficient appliances, recognizing that extensive cooperative action is already occurring between Partner countries.
  • Promote best practice and demonstrate technologies and building design principles to increase energy efficiency in building materials and in new and existing buildings.
  • Support the integration of appropriate mechanisms to increase the uptake of energy efficient buildings and appliances into broader national efforts that support sustainable development, increase energy security and reduce environmental impacts.
  • Systematically identify and respond to the range of barriers that limit the implementation of end-use energy efficiency practices and technologies.