Australia Canada China India Japan Korea United States

Second Ministerial Meeting and Fourth Policy & Implementation Committee Meeting

15 October, 2007 New Delhi, India

On 15 October, 2007, Ministers and high level representatives from Australia, Canada, China, India, Japan, Republic of Korea and the United States met to recognize the successes of the Partnership. The Partners officially warmly welcomed Canada as a new Partner. Encouraged by the country’s commitment to climate change mitigation and clean energy investment, this addition to the Partnership is expected to considerably support the implementation of the work of the APP. Ministers released a communiqué which summarizes the accomplishments of the Partnership since its inaugural Ministerial meeting in Sydney in January 2006. Ministers also recognized the eight Task Force Action Plans and their accompanying 110 projects. Agreement was reached on a Flagship portfolio of 18 projects and activities that best exemplify the achievements of the Partnership. In addition, the Partners endorsed the Asia-Pacific Energy Technology Cooperation Centre. The meeting concluded with an evening with industry event in which representatives from the private sector discussed opportunities for collaboration with Ministers and high level representatives present.