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APP Project Roster

Below are links to detailed information regarding each of the projects of the APP Task Forces.

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Aluminium Task Force

ATF-06-01 Aluminium Measuring and Benchmarking
ATF-06-02  Management of PFC Emissions*
ATF-06-03 Management of Bauxite Residue (Red Mud)*
ATF-06-04 High Silica Bauxite Processing
ATF-06-05 Fluoride Emissions Management
ATF-06-06 Aluminium Recycling
ATF-06-07 Linkages to Technology Providers
ATF-09-08 Development of Generic Computer Software for Automated Anode Effect Control

Buildings & Appliances Task Force

BATF-06-01 Harmonization of Test Procedures for Electric Motors
BATF-06-02 Harmonization of Test Procedures for Motor Systems
BATF-06-03 Phase-out of Inefficient Lighting
BATF-06-04 Harmonization of Test Procedures for HVAC
BATF-06-05 Harmonization of Test Procedures for Household Refrigerators
BATF-06-06 Harmonization of Test Procedures for Electronics
BATF-06-07 Alignment of National Standby Power Approaches
BATF-06-08 Market Transformation Policies in APP Countries: Handbook and Mapping Tool
BATF-06-09 Workshop on government procurement best practices
BATF-06-10 Support for implementation of an energy efficiency endorsement labeling program for India
BATF-06-11 Pilot US-China energy efficiency endorsement labeling harmonization
BATF-06-12 Evaluate policy and management systems for building certification and encourage adoption where appropriate
BATF-06-13 Pilot projects on building energy labeling
BATF-06-14 Establish information exchange network for continuous revision and improvement
BATF-06-15 Provide green building guides and related training materials to APP countries - (Cancelled)
BATF-06-16 Share U.S. experiences on building data and benchmarking
BATF-06-17 OOBER (Office Operational Building Energy Rating) - (Cancelled)
BATF-06-18 Training workshops on energy management and low-cost EE in existing buildings
BATF-06-19 Pilot implementation of no-cost and low-cost EE measures in existing buildings
BATF-06-20 Proposed framework screening tool for evaluating potential for retrofits - (Cancelled)
BATF-06-21 Retrofit of Existing Building Chillers in India
BATF-06-22 Develop a guide to retrocommissioning of existing buildings
BATF-06-23 Energy efficiency upgrade: low energy high rise project (including international extension)
BATF-06-24 Survey building energy codes and Develop Scenarios for reducing energy consumption through energy code enhancement in APP countries
BATF-06-25 Develop/harmonize window rating procedures and/or labels
BATF-06-26 APP web portal for information on high-performance buildings and developments
BATF-06-27 Green building flagships in China*
BATF-06-28 SB08 - 6th World Sustainable Building Conference - (Completed)
BATF-06-29 Good practices and lessons learned in the APP region to promote financing and the implementation of energy efficiency programs in utilities
BATF-06-30 Technical support for China and India
BATF-06-31 Smart Meters
BATF-06-32 Green Leases
BATF-06-33 Commercial Financing: Share Approaches - (Cancelled)
BATF-06-34 India Public Sector Market Assessment
BATF-06-35 Commercial Financing: Joint Projects - (Cancelled)
BATF-07-36 Quality Assurance Program and harmonization of CFLs*
BATF-07-37 Mitigating climate change via implementation of India’s energy efficiency standards and labeling program
BATF-07-38 The urban climate project - building clean and efficient cities (joint project with Theme, Market Transformation)
BATF-07-39 Australian-Indian building tune-ups
BATF-07-40 Energy management program in India
BATF-07-41 Tianjin green office building retrofit - (Cancelled)
BATF-07-42 High performance commercial buildings in India
BATF-07-43 Regional energy efficiency centers in India
BATF-07-44 Promotional framework for passive design and solar energy technologies in energy - efficient buildings
BATF-07-45 Indian high tech buildings initiative: Data centers pilot
BATF-07-46 China Building Energy Rating Tool (CBERT)
BATF-08-47 US-India Cities Partnership for Sharing Best Practices on Energy and Environment
BATF-08-48 Existing Building Renovation in China
BATF-08-49 Green SpacesTM- IT / ITeS Special Economic Zone*
BATF-09-50 Building Energy Performance Certification Proposal
BATF-09-51 Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings through Improved Operations
BATF-09-52 Implementation of Building Energy Codes in China - From Local Partnership to National Building Energy Efficiency
BATF-09-53 International NZEH Coalition / Dialogue*
BATF-09-54 Harmonization of Testing Procedures - Energy Recovery Ventilator
BATF-09-55 Role Enhancement of Building Energy Codes Through Development of Building Envelope Component Energy Performance Labeling and Certification
BATF-10-56 Promotion of Cool Roofs and Development of Cool Roof Energy Performance Labeling and Certification

 Cement Task Force

CMT-06-01 Status Report
CMT-06-02 Benchmarking (Benchmark Development)
CMT-06-03 Legal/Regulatory Issues
CMT-06-04 Lifecycle Evaluation of Concrete Building Construction as a Strategy for Sustainable Cities
CMT-06-05 Centre of Excellence*
CMT-06-06 Cement Kiln Co-Generation
CMT-06-07 Hazardous Wastes - Best Practices for Co-Processing and Management in Cement Kilns*
CMT-07-08 High Energy Biomass Fuels for Cement Production
CMT-07-09 The Effect of Cement Concrete as a CO2 Sink
CMT-07-10 Performance Diagnosis*

Cleaner Fossil Energy Task Force

CFE-06-01 CO2 Capture and Storage Program
CFE-06-02 Ultra-Supercritical Pulverized Coal and Carbon Capture and Storage (USC PC/CCS) Near Zero Emissions Workshop and Design Guides for APP Countries - (Completed)
CFE-06-03 Ultra Clean Coal Project
CFE-06-04 Oxy-Fuel Combustion Program and Working Group
CFE-06-05 Callide-A Oxy-Fuel Demonstration Project*
CFE-06-06 Assessing Post-Combustion Capture Technologies for Emissions from Coal-Fired Power Stations*
CFE-06-07 Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle with Carbon Capture and Storage Workshop, and Design Information for APP Country Coals - (Completed)
CFE-06-08 Asia-Pacific Gas Market Growth - (Completed)
CFE-06-09 Evaluating and Reducing Emissions in Producing, Processing and Transporting Natural Gas
CFE-06-10 Information Exchange on LNG Public Education Campaigns - (Completed)
CFE-06-11 Asia-Pacific Gas Hydrate Cooperation
CFE-06-12 Costs and Diffusion Barriers to Deployment of Low Emissions Technologies for APP
CFE-06-13 CO2 Enhanced Coal Bed Methane (CSIRO-JCOAL-ECBM)
CFE-07-14 Development of Advanced Adsorption Process Technologies for Pre-Combustion Capture of CO2 in Coal Gasification Processes (IGCC)
CFE-07-15 Coal Gasification Performance Assessments for Low Emissions IGCC Systems
CFE-07-16 Cooperative R&D on Cleaner Fossil Energy
CFE-09-17 Guidelines for Safe and Effective Carbon Capture and Storage: Building Regulatory Capacity

Coal Mining Task Force

CLM-06-01 Information Sharing on Coal Processing Technologies*
CLM-06-02 Coal Beneficiation: Economic Modeling, Analysis, and Case Studies
CLM-06-03 Fine Coal Beneficiation - Joint Venture Project
CLM-06-04 Information Sharing on Coal Drying - (Completed)
CLM-06-05 Joint Venture Project on Waste Coal Management - (Completed)
CLM-06-06 Extraction of Steep Seam Coal - (Cancelled)
CLM-06-07 Leading Practice Sustainable Development Program for the Mining Industry
CLM-06-08 Overburden Slope Stability
CLM-06-09 Coal Mine Health and Safety*
CLM-06-10 Reclamation of Legacy Coal Mines to Abate Hazards - (Cancelled)
CLM-06-11 Increasing Recovery and Use of Coal Mine Methane*
CLM-06-12 Integrated Coal and Methane Extraction
CLM-06-13 Thick Coal Seam Extraction
CLM-06-14 Underground Coal Gasification in India - (Completed)
CLM-06-15 Workforce Assessment and Training Needs
CLM-06-16 Technical Improvement for Control of Coalfield Fires
CLM-07-17 Coal Mine Fires Prevention Control
CLM-07-18 Acceleration of Underground Coal Gasification in India - Phase 2 UCG Demonstration
CLM-08-19 3-D Seismic survey with acoustic borehole imaging system
CLM-08-20 In-Seam Seismic Surveys for underground coal mine operations
CLM-08-21 Ventilation Air Methane Emissions: Mitigation and utilization in the Indian mining scenario
CLM-08-22 Development of Technical Standards and Regulations for Land Reclamation in Coal Mining Areas in China

Power Generation & Transmission Task Force

PGT-06-01 Best Practices for Power Generation Activity Plan*
PGT-06-02 Best Practices for Transmission and Distribution Activity Plan
PGT-06-03 Best Practices for Demand Side Management Activity Plan
PGT-06-04 Energy Regulatory and Market Development Forum
PGT-06-05 Trade Exhibitions/Conferences and Trade Missions
PGT-06-06 Hydroelectric Generation Best Practices
PGT-06-07 Combustion Optimization in Coal-Based Power Plants
PGT-06-08 Implementation of Artificial Intelligent Soot Blowing System for Improving the Steam Generator Efficiency by Increasing the Effectiveness of Soot Blowers
PGT-06-09 SOx Reduction Technologies in Flue Gas - (Cancelled)
PGT-06-10 Risk Evaluation and Prioritization or Maintenance and Renovation and Modernization of Power Plants
PGT-06-11 Life Extension and Remaining Life Assessment of Power Plants
PGT-06-12 Site visit of Energy Conservation and Environment Protection Technology-Application of Plasma Ignition Technology in Power Generation
PGT-06-13 Generator Transformer Programs (Inspection Procedures, Diagnostic Tools and Maintenance)

Renewable Energy & Distributed Generation Task Force

RDG-06-01 Building Critical Mass for Ultra High Efficiency Solar Power Stations*
RDG-06-02 Commercial Demonstration of a PEM Fuel Cell for Power Generation - (Cancelled)
RDG-06-03 Biofuel Promotion for Environmentally Sustainable Energy and Water Services - (Cancelled)
RDG-06-04 APP Mega Solar Project
RDG-06-05 Deploy CHP Systems in China That Utilize Coke Oven Gas for Fuel Feedstock
RDG-06-06 Renewable Energy Rural Business Hubs in China and India - (Cancelled)
RDG-06-07 Facilitate Deployment of Highly Efficient CHP Applications, Including Fossil and Biomass Fueled Industrial, Institutional and District Energy CHP Projects in Partner Countries
RDG-06-08 Identification of High Prospect Geothermal Energy Projects in China
RDG-06-09 Analysis of Regulatory Barriers to Renewable Energy Uptake in Partnership Developing Countries
RDG-06-10 Barriers to Clean Technology Investment Development and Deployment Between Australia and India - (Completed)
RDG-06-11 Development of Economic Indices for Renewable Energies and Distributed Generation in the Asia-Pacific Region - (Cancelled)
RDG-06-12 Creating an Enabling Framework for Re-Deployment in the Partnership
RDG-06-13 Quality Renewable Energy Training in China and India
RDG-06-14 International Scholarships for Photovoltaics and Solar Energy Engineering at University of New South Wales
RDG-06-15 Capacity Building for Renewable Energy Promotion Policies and Measures
RDG-06-16 Feasibility Study and Development of Smart Energy Solution Using Various Renewable Energies*
RDG-06-17 Study on the Expansion Plan of Bio-Diesel for Transportation in Asia-Pacific Region - (Cancelled)
RDG-06-18 Market Development for Renewable Energy
RDG-06-19  Public Private Sector Partnership on Hydropower in the Partner Countries
RDG-06-20 Distributed Power Generation in India Using Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Generators, Promoting Clean Air, Energy Security and Sustainable Economic Growth - (Cancelled)
RDG-06-21 Demonstration of Solar-Enhanced Fuels for Electricity and Transport Applications
RDG-06-22 Flexible Biomass Gasification Technology for Distributed Power Generation
RDG-06-23 Solar Photovoltaic Linear Concentrator Systems
RDG-06-24 Development of Materials and Interface Engineering Technologies for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells - (Cancelled)
RDG-07-25 Design and Development of a Solar Biomass Hybrid Cooling and Power
Generation System
RDG-07-26 A Fully Integrated Process for Biodiesel Production from Microalgae in
Saline Water
RDG-07-27 New Generation Small Wind Turbines for Remote Power Systems and
Grid Connection
RDG-08-28 Bridging the Economic Divide through Renewable Energy Based Empowerment
RDG-08-29 Accelerating the Deployment of “Smart Minigrids” in APP Countries
RDG-08-30 Accelerating Commercialization of Renewable Energy for DG in India
RDG-08-31 Collaborative Development and Demonstration of an Optimised Model for Remote Village Electrification Using Renewable Energy
RDG-08-32 Grid Connected Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation Partnerships
RDG-08-33 Development and Application of 10kW Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) Power System
RDG-08-34 Introduce GE10 Technology to Achieve China Localization of Small Gas Turbine Packaging and Manufacturing
RDG-08-35 SAIC-GM Cooperate to design/ build/ demonstrate the Roewe fuel cell Car for 2010 Expo.
RDG-08-36 Coking Oven Gas (COG) Combined Heat and Power Plant
RDG-08-37 Technical Exchange with China on PV Module Reliability
RDG-09-38 Accelerate Distributed Generation - Combined Heat and Power Applications in China
RDG-09-39 Co-operation Research for Long Term Reliability of PV Modules in India and Japan

Steel Task Force

STF-06-01 APP Steel Workshop
STF-06-02 Status Review of Steel Industry Related Indicators for Energy Saving, etc.*
STF-06-03 Performance Indicators Setting*
STF-06-04 Performance Diagnosis*
STF-06-05 State-of-the-Art Clean Technology Handbook*
STF-06-06 Technology Deployment*

Cross Cutting & Other

CCO-07-01 Accelerating and Financing Clean Energy Markets in India
CCO-07-02 Establishment and Replication of State Energy Conservation Funds in India
CCO-07-03 Mobilizing Finance for Clean Energy Deployment
CCO-07-04 US Trade and Development Agency China Project Preparation Facility Proposal - (Cancelled)
CCO-07-05 Voluntary Program to Promote Ecologically Sustainable Business Growth for Indian Industry